Let’s do this!

So, my official training starts this week – today actually. I’m going to be following the Jeff Galloway Dopey Training program. I’m so glad there is a program designed specifically for this challenge. I’m tweaking the program very slightly to incorporate 1 day per week of cross training which will be swimming laps. The JG program doesn’t mention much about cross training, but some others have and I’ve read that swimming is a great form of cross training as there is pretty much no risk of injury like with weights, so I’m adding that on Sundays. I will skip the Sundays when I have to run (just about every other week). I also have a few races I’m committed to starting in August, so I will be doing those miles on those days instead of what is on the program calendar, but the difference is not significant.

This is real, it’s really happening! I’m not worried about the training part *yet. I’m actually quite anxious to get started. I’ve already been running 3-4 days per week, so it’s nothing new until I start getting into the longer distances, so we’ll see how that goes.

Track workout is on the agenda for tonight. Looking forward to it. Oh! and the very first piece of one of my running costume came in already! check it out!

Dopey Ears

I ordered these on Etsy from a store called “ToNeverNeverland” (clever name!). I know I have plenty of time to get my costumes in order, but I like to get things done ahead so I don’t have to worry about it last minute..

BTW – I like to dress up and have fun with it, if it’s no fun, then what’s the point, right!? Let’s do this!!


3 thoughts on “Let’s do this!

  1. I know what you mean about not being worried about training….yet. I have forced myself not to look too far ahead so I can’t get freaked out by the later miles!!!


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