Heart Rate Training

So.. I went out today for a solo six so that I could try this Heart Rate Training thing out, and I gotta say.... it wasn't too bad!  Since I wanted to try this out, I missed out on a fun group run with my squad who went to a trail about an hour away … Continue reading Heart Rate Training


This Girl is on Fireeee!

This Girl is on Fireeee! ... and I don't mean the song ya'll - IT'S HOT!! Hahaha! Trying to train in this heat is brutal. It's getting done, it's just been steamy. I didn't update week 3 and now week 4 is half over, I just didn't want things to get repetitive. For the last 2 … Continue reading This Girl is on Fireeee!

Dopey Training – Week 2

Week 2 - what can I say.. it was a tough week personally, with my mom's passing, but as fellow runners will understand, that made for a decent running week. Running can be a great outlet, a great way to clear the mind. I had no music, and no company for my first 2 runs … Continue reading Dopey Training – Week 2

Dopey Week 1 Update

So, week 1 didn't exactly go as planned... Tuesday was a scheduled 45 minutes. I had agreed to meet a group at a local track approximately 20 minutes or so from home. It was my first time there, so I didn't know exactly where to go or who I was meeting... this was all scheduled … Continue reading Dopey Week 1 Update