Dopey Week 1 Update

So, week 1 didn’t exactly go as planned…

Tuesday was a scheduled 45 minutes. I had agreed to meet a group at a local track approximately 20 minutes or so from home. It was my first time there, so I didn’t know exactly where to go or who I was meeting… this was all scheduled through a local running club/training group. It was to be my first time joining this group, so I didn’t know anyone. I pull into the parking lot, gather my water and things as I always do… it was a HOT day. I see a huge group of people talking and one lady who seemed to be in charge was giving everyone instructions. I listen to the instructions and head out on the track doing as she suggested which was 2 laps fast, 1 lap slow – repeat that 4 times.

I came in for water before one of my slow laps and she is talking to me about my shoes and suggests I come into “the store” for an evaluation. I agree that it sounds good and I head out for a few more laps. While I’m running, I’m thinking to myself (because you know that’s what we runners do) and I thought, she must be from “Charm City Run” a local running store in our area. Then I thought, “Oh No! This is their marathon training group, I’m not supposed to be with them!”. Hahaha

So, I went in for another sip of water and she starts talking to me again about which marathon I’m training for. I had to fess up and tell her that I made a mistake and then I told her the name of the group I was supposed to be meeting up with, and she laughs and says “Oh they meet over there” as she points to the other side of the track. I was slightly embarrassed, but oh well, I got my run in. I actually hit a PR for fastest mile during my first mile on that track. I think I’ll try that again, and try to meet the right group next time! Lol!

I was able to get a run in on Thursday, another scheduled 45 minute run, but sadly that was all for my week 1.  My mom passed away Friday night/Saturday morning. She had been battling colon cancer for 2+ years. It was a long, hard fought battle. I don’t want to go into too much detail, and I really don’t want to talk about it, but just to say that I am trying to work through it, in my own way,  going through the motions and trying to push forward. With all of the arrangements and things happening this week (during week 2) I don’t know how training will go, but I managed out the door today. Therapy. For sure.

Anyway, I thought I would share my training calendar that I have hanging in my kitchen. I’m a very visual person, so I had a little fun with this. DOPEYTRAINCAL

Let me know what you think!  I actually made the calendars from scratch using Microsoft Excel, adjusting the size of the columns accordingly. I added in Mickey Heads to each block and of course, I had to download and use a Disney font!


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