Dopey Training – Week 2

Week 2 – what can I say.. it was a tough week personally, with my mom’s passing, but as fellow runners will understand, that made for a decent running week. Running can be a great outlet, a great way to clear the mind. I had no music, and no company for my first 2 runs of the week, just me and my thoughts, so I was able to work through some emotions.

This week’s Galloway plan called for 45 mins on Tuesday and Thursday and then 4 miles on Saturday.

Both of my 45 min runs came out to be 4 miles each, so I wanted to push a little further on Saturday and went for 6 instead of the scheduled 4. I already have a good base of 5 miles, so I think I will continue my Saturday long runs at or above 5 just until the plan catches up. Anyway, for my Saturday long run I joined a group of bad ass moms from a local “Mom’s Run this Town” group. We met at a fancy donut shop called “Diablo Donuts” and OMG! Were they delicious!

Right to left – Cin Crunch (which was my fav), then Cookies N Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate with sprinkles, Maple Bacon, Samoa Cookie, S’More and last, Chesapeake (w/Old Bay – yep, I’m in Maryland!)

Here’s a pic during the run and of our group – it’s always helpful to run with friends, they tend to push you further than you had planned and help pass the time for sure!

Loved this pic someone took!
I’m on the bottom left in pink 🙂 BTW – this was my first run in the new Brooks Ghost 10 and they were on point! Felt great!

Here are my stats for the week:

  • Tuesday – 4.01 miles 43:17
  • Thursday – 4.02 miles 44:46
  • Saturday – 6.0 miles 1:08:45

I recently signed up for a Dopey training program by “Train Like a Mother” that starts this week (tomorrow) on July 10th. It’s heart rate based training, and I’ve read that it forces you to slow down to keep your heart rate below 140. This might mean walk/run intervals in order to stay below that. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet, but they include other cross training exercises and nutrition tips, so I joined mostly for that, but I will see how it goes and compare the Galloway running days to those in this program. I plan to primarily stick with Galloway, but add in their cross training exercises. IDK… I’ll let ya know how it goes!



6 thoughts on “Dopey Training – Week 2

  1. This is a great stretch goal you’ve set-I’ll be reading with interest and cheering every step! Hope to run (ha!) into you soon xx


  2. Great job on week 2!!! You were awesome! Week two was tough for me – I attempted 4 miles, but I only managed to get 3 SLOW miles in. I made the mistake of running in the heat of the day AND I started with a faster pace than I should have had. Ugh.


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