This Girl is on Fireeee!

This Girl is on Fireeee! … and I don’t mean the song ya’ll – IT’S HOT!! Hahaha! Trying to train in this heat is brutal. It’s getting done, it’s just been steamy.

I didn’t update week 3 and now week 4 is half over, I just didn’t want things to get repetitive. For the last 2 weeks I’ve joined a local running group at a track for track workouts, which has been really cool. There is a coach there who helps to train marathon runners and major players in the game, so I plan to take it in as much as I can. I like that with track, I can work on speed, the struggle I’m having is deciding between sticking with that and focusing more on the Heart Rate Training that I was looking at. That program suggests maxing out your heart rate at like 140 bpm in each run, which could mean a lot of walk/run breaks. I’m really afraid that will make me go backwards and I will lose speed progress that I’ve already made. If you have any insight into those programs and have trained with them before, please let me know your thoughts! I may try out the heart rate method on my long run this weekend (which is only scheduled to be 5.5 miles). I didn’t want to go out and spend money on a heart rate monitor if I wasn’t going to train that way, my Apple watch has HR, but you can’t set a MAX heart rate, but I found that the Runkeeper app has a way to set a max HR so I may try that to see how it goes. Stay tuned or that update.

Beautiful sights along my long run last weekend!…..


Then I added in a little extra on Sunday by joining a group in the trails. I like trails and had been wanting to explore this particular trail near me for some time, and I finally did!

I’ll definitely be back out there to explore a little more, it was nice and shady on the trail, but still sooo hot. I only managed 4 miles on this day (6.5 on the day before).

I tried my first cross train – swimming laps today. I managed 12 laps, but suuuppperr slow. I didn’t realize how taxing swimming laps could be! I think my goal will be to just improve the number of laps I do in a particular time frame. 30 minutes today was tough enough actually, so I’ll stick with that for now.. LOL!

Stats for the past 2 weeks – just for my own comparison reference later. I’ve gotta get faster when the weather isn’t so bad, right?!

  • Tues – 4.01 miles – 4:13 (10:31mi)
  • Thurs – 2.5 miles – 30:29 (12:10mi) (Joined a pub run and walked a bunch with a few others)
  • Sat – 6.5 miles – 1:15:57 (11:41mi)
  • Sun – 4.01 miles – 57:26 (14:19mi) This was trail running
  • Tues – 4:16 miles – 42:52 (10:17mi) <— CHECK THIS OUT compared to the week prior! Both Tuesdays are track workouts.
  • Wed – 4.01 miles – 46:26 (11:34mi) – Bridge Drills Training – this is up and over many times the Naval Academy Bridge in Annapolis, which is pretty steep. The warm up run consists of an over the bridge to a corner stop light which is almost a mile and then back to the start. Then we do drills up half way, down, then up and down MANY more times with different goals.

That’s all for now, I’m bored with myself, but my Dopey costume came in today!! I’ll be trying that on and posting a pic soon, I was too tired when I got home today from the swim, but I can’t wait!!



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