Dopey Training, Week ?

I know, I know, I’m a slacker because I haven’t updated in a while. The truth is, I was kinda slacking on my weekday runs for 3 straight weeks because of nothing more than scheduling issues. My office was moving from one building to another, so the last week in July and first week in August were too difficult to leave in time to head to the track or to a run I had planned, besides that, I was simply exhausted from packing and moving and organizing to go out and run, so last week was my first solid week of running again.

I still made it to my weekend runs every weekend, but I did feel a little of the impact of not running consistently during the week. Last week’s track workout felt great! I managed 4.38 miles in 46:18 (10:34 per mile). Compare that to the Bridge drills that I did on Wednesday which were 3,94 miles in 46:22 (11:46 per mile). That’s a big difference. The bridge drills are pretty challenging, and I was probably on sore legs a little from Tuesday’s track workout.

This past weekend, my training plan called for 9 miles, but I had a 10k trail race that I was signed up for. I figured maybe 6.2 miles on trails, might be equivalent to 9 miles on the road? Maybe? Ehhh.. maybe not.. at any rate, I completed the 10k in 1 hour 19 minutes (12:57 per mile). Not bad for trails, I completely expected to be a little slower, but that race was FUN you guys! I don’t know if I was or not, but I felt like I was FLYING through those trails. There were some tough hills there, total elevation gain of approx 839 feet according to Run Keeper, but it was a fun race. The crowd support was awesome, I mean, really awesome. As I was rounding around to the finish there was this one guy holding a sign – I don’t remember what the sign said, but as he saw me, he pointed at me and yelled “There she is, you’re almost there, you’re killing it!” Then there was another girl yelling something about pushing it and not quitting, etc.. it was just super fun and made me run that much harder at the end.  Here’s my finish line photo for that one… 🙂


The weekend before last, I had a 5k trail race at Boody Vineyards, a local winery (I say local, but it was more like a 45 minute drive). I was super sick that weekend, I woke up on Saturday with a fever of 101. Luckily, the Vineyard 5k wasn’t until Sunday evening. My husband tried to talk me out of going, but I mean… Running.. AND Wine? Those are like the 2 cures for everything, AMIRIGHT?! Lol! I figured I would just take my time and if I had to walk, I would walk… which I did, a little.. not as much as I thought I would though, quite honestly. It felt pretty good to get out there and then have a wine tasting afterward. It was a chill race, people hanging out on the grass, listening to a band, and sipping a little vino 🙂 Here are my favorite pics from that race:

It’s always great and super important to have a tribe.. one of the pics above is a small piece of the tribe that I love to run with. This tribe, this sisterhood, can really help to push you beyond what you believe your limits are, and they make training for such a big event – FUN! I can’t even express how thankful I am to have met them.

This upcoming week, Dopey training calls for 45 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday and then only 3 miles on Saturday. Well, since I didn’t hit my 9 last week and I settled for a 10k instead, I think I’ll go for the 9 that I missed, maybe even 10 because the following week I am signed up for a 12 miler (training calls for 11). I hope to have some interesting updates from those!

Happy running!



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