Dopey Week 9 Update

I missed another weeknight run, so I only ran Tuesday at track and then Saturday for my long run. Tuesday’s track this week was kinda fun, (did I really just say that?) I say that only because in addition to some of the usual strides and laps, we did something the coach called “straights and curves” Lol, where we did an easy jog on the curves of the track and then hit the straight sections hard. According to my Nike+ run app, I hit a 1K PR, so that was good! I ended that workout with 4.04 miles in 43:14 (10:42mm).

Dopey training called for only a 3 mile “long” run this week. Well, I missed the 9 I was supposed to do last week because I ran a 10K trail race, so I wanted to get atleast the 9 that I missed, but I decided to go for 10+ since I have a 12 mile race coming up this weekend, it fits in nicely to Dopey training (which calls for 11 this week). I knew a lot of friends who were running on Sunday in a local 10 mile race, which I knew I couldn’t make, so I opted to get my miles in on Saturday. My husband recently bought a new mountain bike so he went along with me to ride his bike while I ran. That was the first time we did that.. it was kinda nice, knowing he was there. Obviously he didn’t stay by my side and I didn’t expect him to, I thought for sure he would have gone around the 10 mile loop twice by the time I went around once, but he stopped and waited for me a few times (mostly because he wanted to make sure he was going the right way) Ha!! We did the BWI loop that I think I wrote about before… its a perfect loop for a 10+ mile distance and has just the right amount of challenge for hills and sun vs shade.

This run was a little slower – naturally because of the longer distance as training recommends. I ended up with 10.71 miles in 2:02:49 (11:28mm).

I haven’t talked about HR training in a while… my average heart rate on that run was 163 bpm. Higher than the HR program calls for by 23 bpm. Bad, I know. I did listen to my body though and walked when I needed to walk.

What I really need to focus on though, is cross training. I’ve got to get some core or upper boy work in somehow.. this is my accountability post, so I have to report next week what cross training I was able to fit in. Hopefully I can make that happen.


2 thoughts on “Dopey Week 9 Update

  1. I’ve always wanted to do the Dopey Challenge! Can’t wait til your race day so you can let us know what it’s like. I’ve always figured that if I’m going to do a RunDisney, I might as well tackle the Dopey Challenge 🙂

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