Dopey Week 10 and Charles Street 12 Recap!

Theme for this post should be “Yet, she persisted” 🙂

It’s been a pretty exciting week! My Tues and Thurs 45 min runs actually happened on Tues and Wednesday this week… Tuesday, I skipped my usual track workout because it was pouring rain – not that I won’t run in the rain, I actually enjoy it, but I forgot to take my rain jacket and I just didn’t want to get TOO soaked, so I opted for the treadmill instead. Treadmill? Dreadmill? Insteadmill? Torture device? It has many names.. Lol. Running is definitely harder on that thing, no matter what you call it.

My usual 45 minutes on the track gives me well over 4 miles – sometimes close to 4.25 depending… Well, 45 minutes this past Tuesday on the treadmill only gave me about 3.25 miles. I’m really not sure why that is.. I am glad that I have one at home though, atleast I still got it done on Tuesday as planned and the pouring rain didn’t dampen my training plans…. well… it did… but you get the point! Lol

My second 45 of the week happened the very next day – Wednesday instead of Thursday because I had Thursday plans that I’ll get into in a minute. I went to join the “Bridge Club” that I like to join occasionally on Wednesdays. This is a pretty steep bridge in my area where we run drills up and down the bridge incline. I was stuck in traffic on my way there, as there was a bad accident, so I didn’t make it in time. Bridge Club starts at 6:30pm, but I didn’t get there until 6:45. The group (a much smaller than usual group this week) had already started so I did my own warm up and drills so that I could get in my 45 minutes. Actually I went 46 minutes because I needed to stop my watch at exactly 4 miles (OCD anyone?). I couldn’t stomach stopping at 45 minutes with a distance so close to 4miles so I finished out the 4.

Thursday I had dinner plans with our local “Mom’s Run This Town/She Runs This Town” group. I recently became co-chapter leader of my county’s chapter. It’s a local group for moms or women in general to find other women with similar fitness interests, to empower and keep each other accountable. We hosted a “Mom’s Night Out” event on Thursday at a local restaurant/rum bar… Ummm Hello? Yes, to Rum… always! It allowed us to change out our running shoes and get to know each other outside of the run.. it ended up being a great time!

Now, Dopey training schedule for Saturday’s long run called for 11 miles. Well, there just so happened to be a local “12 miler” the same day I needed to run 11, so I figured, what’s another mile, right? It’s not like this was my longest distance ever since I had run a few half, so it was fine. The persistence comes in for a few reasons… 1. It was raining. Again. This time, not as bad as it was on Tuesday and I was leaving from home (instead of work) so I had several rain jackets to choose from, no biggie. My friend Jaime (pictured above- bottom right framing her face – she’s hilarious and such fun to be around!) took over another runner mom’s bib the day before the race… yesterday, she decided to run this with me.. so she came and picked me up and we rode down together. The race was set up in a way that you park at the finish and the bus you to the start. We got there at a decent time before the start, but by the time we made it through the bathroom line the race was just about to start so I didn’t have time to check my bag. I brought a small string backpack with a change of clothes because if I was running in the rain and got soaked, I knew I would want to change afterward. So, I have never run with a backpack on before. I hope I never have to again. It wasn’t heavy..  but the flopping back and forth on my back was annoying and it felt like it was messing up my stride – 2nd example of persistence.

And here is 3 – Jaime ran a race last Sunday where she hurt her foot, but thought she would be fine for this 12 miler… Her foot started really bothering her and I could tell the last few miles were pretty excruciating for her. We walked when we needed to, and ran when she could, so it was slow going, but we both persisted, especially Jaime. Overall, we still had a pretty decent time considering the struggles 12 miles in 2:20. Surprisingly, the rain stopped just as we were starting and held off for the most part until just at the finish. We got pretty wet heading back to the car, but I’ll take it! Oh, and I’m all about the bling, I think the medal for this one is pretty sweet!

Other than the sweet bling, I don’t think I would be anxious to sign up for this race again.. I thought the bathroom lines/lack of restrooms at the start was a little unorganized, and they actually started the race late. I had heard from another runner who checked a bag that they were just throwing everyone’s bags in a pile and there was no organization (makes me kinda glad to have kept mine with me). Then at the finish, they crammed everyone into a parking lot for the post-race party, which doesn’t sound bad, I mean, it beats walking around in a muddy field with all the rain we had, but the parking lot was (IMO) too small for the crowd that was there. Then I heard from other runners that they couldn’t find the bag pickup area, so the whole race overall seemed a little too unorganized for me.

Anyway, to recap this week’s training:

  • Tuesday 3.25 treadmill miles 46:04 (14:16mi)
  • Wednesday 4.0 miles 46:03 (11:29mi)
  • Saturday 12.2 miles 2:20 (11:30mi)

There were a few challenges this week, but sometimes ya just have to roll with the punches and make the best of it! Now, I’m looking forward to the Holiday weekend and having an extra recovery day on Monday! Happy Labor Day!


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