First Attempt at 20 miles!

I’ve had a few pretty tame weeks since running the nearly 17 miles in Baltimore, which is one of the reasons I really love this Jeff Galloway program for the Dopey challenge, the last few weeks were only 6 miles on the Saturday long run (I say only, I know… to some, that must seem like a lot and I try to keep from downplaying it, because I know it can be a big deal…). Anyway, I had the 10k Across the Bay Bridge last week, that race is always a good one.. I made somewhat of a bad judgement, I had a tattoo fished off on my leg the day before this run, so I figured I would walk a lot of it. Someone in my local “Moms Run This Town” group posted on our page that she was looking for company to walk the Bridge 10k…. turns out there were 2 who wanted to mostly walk, so the 3 of us tackled it together with a  little run walking, and I’m glad I did with the fresh tat work, I just didn’t know how that would feel, but it turned out ok and that might be because we took it easy, and I’m really glad to have met a few new friends while doing it.

So this week. Oh boy, this week.

Yesterday’s schedule said 8.5 miles and today was 20. I planned to go down to the Baltimore Harbor and get the 8.5. There is a nice route along the water and a sweet donut shop in the area where I park called “Diablo Doughnuts”. When I tell you these doughnuts are delicious….. there are just no words to describe just HOW delicious they are! I may even have written about them in an earlier blog post, I don’t exactly remember, but that just goes to show how obsessed I am. Like, I could literally eat all the donuts that I brought home, but I thought it nice to share with my family… another lapse in judgement because I don’t think they really appreciate the deliciousness of these donuts.

Anyway, so when I first started out on the 8.5 downtown, knowing that delicious donuts were waiting for me at the end.. I only made it about 1/3 mile down the road when my body told me to turn around and use the bathroom. Again. I also grabbed my sunglasses, so it wasn’t a completely bad thing. Because of this leave and go back issue, I misjudged my turn around point on the run and ended up with an extra mile. By the time I made it back to my car I had 9.5 miles instead of the planned 8.5. Overachiever, I guess.

I was solo for this run, and I was a little discouraged about it at first, but it ended up being fine… since I got lost or went over my miles, I think I would have felt bad if I had someone else with me anyway. I didn’t have any particular run/walk plan or anything, I just ran and stopped for pics when I wanted. I wondered how many people thought I was crazy, saw some other runners, and I can now say that I know how to get to the Domino Sugar plant on foot and the Under Armor Global Headquarters.. LOL!

Today’s 20 miles was a feat. It’s the first time I had to cover that much ground at one time. The great thing is, that there are some super supportive and motivating ladies in the Mom’s Run This Town group and I had plans for one person to meet me in the beginning, and then another person was meeting me around 3 miles further into the trail and then one person was going to be around 6-7 miles down on the trail, but the last one backed out last minute (I can’t remember why). Just having this plan in place and ladies who were willing to get out of bed and come run with me, made my heart so happy. The girl I started with was a huge help in preventing me from getting lost and going the wrong way – (Are you noticing a trend here with me?) LOL! She stuck with me for the first 2 miles or so. Then I met up with the second person who stuck by my side the whole time and turned around when I was ready to turn around. She probably ended with around 12 miles or so – both of our watches had a small glitch at one point during the run or another, so we were guessing it was probably around 12. I mean, who does that? She came out for no reason other than to run some of those long miles with me. I am so grateful for her company too. I had my headphones cued up to listen to some more of my Kevin Hart book on Audible, but I didn’t even need it. I had company and great conversation for the majority of my run.

After we got back to her car, I still had about 4 miles to go until I hit the 20. Right around mile 18 is when I started to feel “the wall”. I had to really dig deep to keep moving. Had a chat with my mom and slugged on for those last few miles. I did intervals for this run – 3 min run and 30 sec walk.  I took o2 Gold from Advocare before I left. I had tailwind in one bottle, water in another and I had some Honey Stinger chews. I had a pace that I felt was much more respectable than I expected – 11:21 per mile average. I really expected slower and the truth is, I probably would have been slower had I not had the support of friends along the way that I had. IMG_5739-1

So, 20 miles down, only  10k to go on the back end of that and I’m at the 26.2. I don’t know how I’ll do it, but I have a few more long runs coming up so we will see. When I came home today, I soaked in an Epsom Salt bath and then foam rolled. My legs are pretty sore, especially getting up and down, but I don’t feel completely drained of energy, so I’ll call that a win!

Next week, is an easy 7 miles Sat – then 23 miles the following week. It’s getting so close!


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