First Attempt at 20 miles!

I've had a few pretty tame weeks since running the nearly 17 miles in Baltimore, which is one of the reasons I really love this Jeff Galloway program for the Dopey challenge, the last few weeks were only 6 miles on the Saturday long run (I say only, I know... to some, that must seem … Continue reading First Attempt at 20 miles!


Dopey Update – 11 weeks to go!

11 weeks to go until the biggest challenge of my life! 72 days - that's NOT A LONG TIME YOU GUYS!! It's coming really fast in my opinion... I'm starting to have doubts... will I really be able to do this? It's not just that it's my first ever marathon 26.2 - as if that's … Continue reading Dopey Update – 11 weeks to go!

September Update and Ragnar Recap

Let's see... where do I begin? It's been a while... A lot of training has taken place since my last post and things are going well. **Knock on wood**  I ran a total of 76.68 miles throughout the month of September... not quite the 100 that a bunch of friends were striving for this month, … Continue reading September Update and Ragnar Recap